We are a dynamic designer and developer duo with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our unique blend of creativity and technological expertise allows us to envision and build a future that is brighter, more streamlined, and delightfully uncomplicated.

What we offer


Focusing on user needs to design seamless digital experiences and interactions that elevate your product's or services.

Journey mapping
UX audit
User testing
Feature concepts


Craft sophisticated and minimalist interfaces that prioritize simplicity as their foundation.

app design
web design
product design

Webflow development

Turn your vision into reality, whether it's a sleek, animated landing page or a sophisticated SaaS application. We specialize in bringing your ideas to life.

landing page
marketing page
launch & deployment

Our process is collaborative and iterative, with the user at the center of all design decisions.

UX Design
Product Design

Our compensation models


Our standard and widely adopted mode of collaboration with clients typically involves either billing based on the time spent or establishing a predetermined fixed price for a specific scope of work.

Shared revenue /
performance based

As part of our incentive program, we provide models that offer a reduced fee structure, enabling us to actively participate in and benefit from the impact and results generated by our work.


In cases where an attractive opportunity arises, we also present an equity-for-service model, whereby a portion of our compensation is provided in the form of shares.

Our story

Arise was founded by Jannis Wicke and Felix Lebedinzew, who not only have a long friendship but are also the ideal duo for building digital products. Being strong and open-minded during the discovery phase of idea generation, as well as knowing what it takes to deliver exceptional results.

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What can we help you with?

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